Sea Oats and Seashells

3 09 2008

Sea oats, just at the edge of the dunes, emerging from the wind swept sand.  The beach is sprinkled with half buried shells brought in with the tide.






5 responses

10 11 2010
Sunny Moritz

Aloha, I find this photo refreshing and relaxing. Please post on my facebook page, Sunny Moritz, would love to see more of your excellent pictures. Mahalo, Sunny

14 02 2012
Chris R. Quinlan

I would like to get your permission to use this photo on a “Welcome To The Area” postcard for a church in Florida. Please contact me at Thanks

14 02 2012

Chris, which church do you represent and what city is it located?

Teddy Meeks

15 02 2012
Chris R. Quinlan

Live Oak Church in Navarre, FL

15 02 2012

Chris, you have my permission to use the photo. I just ask for a photo credit.

Best wishes,
Teddy Meeks

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