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Sand between Your Toes photo blog is brought to you by amateur nature photographer Teddy Meeks featuring a daily image of his work.

My goal is to capture the absolute stunning beauty of nature that is Panama City Beach and the surrounding Emerald Coast.”

From the peaceful black water bayous to the sugar white sands, the Emerald Coast is like no other coastline in the world.  Like all cities, Panama City Beach has its faults, but at the end of the day we have beautiful beaches, emerald waters, abundant wildlife and glowing sunsets… what’s not to love! 

Feel free to make comments, add requests and most of all enjoy the beauty of nature.



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30 08 2008

So cool. Is there a way to go back and see previous pictures, or a link to “gallery”?

30 08 2008

Thanks Meredith,

There is an “archive” at the bottom of each page. 10 photos are held on each page before they are sent to the monthly archive.


11 09 2008

You know how much I enjoy your pictures!
They are so beautiful.
I will now enjoy them everyday.
Love you guys, miss you.


24 10 2008

Just wanted to comment on your photos…they are beautiful!!!

Who does your finishing work?….Are they done with a 35mm or digital??

I also have a passion for photography and own a Nikon N-90 but haven’t done much with it for a few years and now everything seems to be digital and I know nothing about that.

I’m also new to Panama City area so your photos brought to light some of the beauty around here. Thx

9 11 2008
Kitty Grubbs

I love your photo blog! Photography has been one of my hobbies since I turned 16. I have one album that is just my nature shots. You have such beautiful pictures of PCB!

14 11 2008
Betsey Hitson


These are truly gorgeous. I don’t know much about photography, but I do know what I like and appreciate. I imagine you have some great pictures from the cruise this summer. David and I thought Belize was lush and beautiful.

Again, beautiful work. I look forward to seeing what else you put up.

18 11 2008

Hi Ted,

I would love to meet and utilize some of your photography but having a hard time finding your contact details. Would you please email me as soon as you get this.


17 01 2009

Hey Ted,I have been checking out your photos via facebook and absolutly love them!I have been taking pictures down in Grayton beach for the last three years during christmas and new years.I love getting up at 6am and heading out to see what the world has for me to shoot.I was lucky enough to check out this blog before I went this past christmas.It really helped me with my composition and basically show me what was possible.Love your work!

Thank you for sharing,

17 08 2009
Jeff Phillips


Do you have a re-use policy for photos? I found one I would like to use in an advertisement for my condo rentals site in the Chamber Circuit magazine. I have to have the ad to print by 8-20-09. Let me know your thoughts.

Jeff Phillips

5 12 2009

Sure, only request photo credit on the ad/image. Let me know which photo and what product/company the photo will represent.

Teddy Meeks

15 01 2010
Jim Cassidey

MR. Meeks:

I will be in Panama City next week 1-18, I am hearing great things about the rides you are putting in, take a look at our web site if you get a chance. Hope to hear from you and have a chance to get by and say hello.


27 05 2010
Mehul patel

Your photography is very nice and i like specially this one (See Shell).
Can i use this image for a digital painting competition on http://www.pxleyes.com

Please reply as soon as possible.

9 06 2010
Jeff Newberry

Dear Ted,

First of all, your pictures absolutely stunning, just real professional quality work. You have an artist’s eye. I really love this photo: http://pcbdaily.com/bayou-shrimp-boat

I read the photo reuse police above, but I just wanted to double-check.

I’m interested in using that photo on short run (20 copies) self-published chapbook of poems. If you email me at jeff.newberry@gmail.com, I’ll be happy to send you the poems and tell you more about the project.

My best,
Jeff Newberry

29 08 2010

No problem Jeff. Send me a copy…. if possible.

Teddy Meeks

14 06 2011
Linda Hoffman

Good afternoon!
Found one of your images when I was looking for something to use on the cover of a local realtor’s brochure. Beautiful work. What do I need to do for permission to use a photo in my brochure design?
Would love to hear from you via email. Might could use your talent elsewhere, if you’re interested.
Thanks so much and enJOY your day!

14 06 2011


Just let me know which image you’d like to use and I’ll forward you a hi-res copy suitable for printing. All I ask is for photo credit for the image.

Teddy Meeks

27 10 2011

I would love to buy a certain image. How do I go about doing that? Are they for sale?

28 10 2011

Sure, which image would you like and what size?

11 04 2012
Josh Brown

Mr. Meeks,

Amazing work, you have an eye for pure natural beauty. I came across your site and was interested in using one of your photos in an advertisement for my traveling company. Full credit will be given to you in the advertisement. Would you be willing to let me use your artwork?


11 04 2012


No problem. Just send me a copy of the ad once completed

12 04 2012
Josh Brown

Is it possible for you to send me a high-def copy of the photo? The one labeled seashell and sugar white sand is the one of interest.

Thank you.

– Josh

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